Association execs race to relevance

THE Philippine Council for the Advancement of Association Executives (PCAAE), under its Certified Professional Association Executive (CPAE) program, will be holding a workshop on “Race to Relevance” on October 29, 2015 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), in Manila. The event consists of a two-module course on sustaining relevance through a purpose-driven association and strategic planning.

“Maintaining, retaining, and regaining relevance as an association is a continuing challenge for association leaders, especially in this current ‘disruptive’ environment we are in,” says, Octavio ‘Bobby’ Peralta, PCAAE president & CEO.

PCAAE has noted that around the globe, many associations are grappling with shifting social values, technological advancement and demographic changes, and are struggling to remain relevant. The council has also observed that this is true as well in the business realm, as recent years have seen scores of iconic businesses and brands fall, gaining prominence by being revolutionary only to become a relic in the span of just a few decades.

“As traditional business models and distribution channels are disrupted or destroyed, organizations, industries and brands are trying to keep pace to remain viable,” the council says. “When one considers the sectors currently under siege – from traditional retailers to postal services and newspaper publishers – it is clear that no industry is immune to extinction, including associations.”

In order to win the race for relevance, an association must reflect on its fundamental reason or purpose for existence, PCAAE says. “The question of driving purpose is one that goes to the very heart of relevance,” it says. “Although many associations have attempted to answer this by crafting vision statements or mission statements, these are all too often a documentation of policies, practices, strategic aims and goals. A true driving purpose is, however, fundamentally long-term and even philosophical than these things.”

For inquiries and interest of attendance, please email Enrique ‘Boyet’ Florencio at or call 8161672 / 8435892 /8430932 or visit PCAAE website at

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