Who Can Join

How to join

How to become a member

To become eligible for membership, you must be a professional manager in a business, trade, professional, philanthropic, scientific, medical, educational, technical, social welfare, agricultural and other nonprofit organizations or an executive of a firm that serves nonprofit organizations that meet the eligibility criteria established by the PCAAE Board of Trustees.

Types of membership

  • Regular voting membership is for qualified individuals who pay applicable dues established by the PCAAE Board of Trustees and meet the criteria.
  • Non-voting membership has no voting rights and ineligible to serve as Trustees or officers
  • Life and Honorary membership has no voting rights and subject to the terms of the Board of Trustees.

Why join

Membership Benefits

  • Become part of an inclusive and innovative effort to work together for the common good of membership organizations in the nonprofit sector.
  • Enrich your knowledge through capacity-building and educational opportunities from PCAAE conferences and training programs.
  • Gain networking opportunities with other like-minded professionals, institutions and industry partners.
  • Be able to demonstrate your or your organization’s commitment to the advancement of the profession and industry.

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