PCAAE Conducts Legacy and Impact Webinar for Association Conferences

PCAAE organized a webinar for its members entitled, “Leveraging a Congress to Generate Positive Impact with Local Partners” on July 19 2023 with 24 local and overseas participants.

The featured speaker was Ms. Gemmeke De Jongh, International Association Expert of the Visit Flanders Convention Bureau, the official convention bureau for Flanders and Brussels. The bureau launched its Vision 2050 in 2019 themed, “Travel to Tomorrow” which aims to create a balance among the conference destination residents, visitors, entrepreneurs and the host place of the event.

Gemmeke’s presentation included understanding the difference between legacy and impact and the realization of how legacy planning can have a positive impact on the growth and development of a destination.

For more information, please email Sandy Lim at sandy@pcaae.org

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