PCAAE conducts webinar on “Storytelling for Social Impact”

PCAAE conducted a webinar on “Storytelling for Social Impact” last April 12, 2023 with 20 local and overseas participants.

The featured speaker was Mr. Elbert Or, at Open Social, an open SaaS community platform specializing in mission-driven communities.

His presentation was based on the e-book he published in April 2022 entitled “Community Compendium.” His main message was “associations are in the business of community, not events.”

Some of the key takeaways from the webinar are: strategize long-term, own your community; Involve your members; start small; one must stay relevant and respond to environmental pressures and expectations of new generations; and finally, increase your impact.

He concluded that “owning one’s community broadens advocacy, addresses individual goals and needs, strengthens connection and belongingness among members.

For more information, please email Sandy Lim at sandy@pcaae.org


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