PCAAE holds Neuroscience Webinar, tackles Inner Workings of the Brain

PCAAE held a webinar on “The Neuroscience of Planning and Mental Biases” on December 14, 2022 that featured neuroscience coach, Ben Ampil, as speaker.

Neuroscience is a study on how our brain acts and thinks to be able to manage our behavior.

Advances in technology have enabled us to learn more about the intimate workings of the human brain in the last 20 years, than we had ever had in the entire history of mankind. No leadership nor change Initiative could be successfully-implemented without an

understanding of how the Individual’s behaviors and thoughts are programmed and processed… in their brains.

Ben Ampil is a globally-certified neuroscience coach, a U.S.-certified NLP trainer, a TEDx speaker and a delegate to the 2021 “Rare with Google” Leadership Academy, among others. Prior to becoming a global keynote speaker and trainer, he has had an extensive senior executive-level corporate experience in the various industry and professional sectors.

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