PCAAE tackles mind wellness issues and solutions in webinar

PCAAE conducted a webinar on “Mind Wellness Solutions Amidst the Pandemic” last February 24, 2022, with 24 local and overseas participants attending.

The featured speaker was Richard Caballero, Founder and CEO of Healthy Mind Solutions, a company he founded for the purpose of breaking the stigma of mental illness in the Filipino culture as well as bringing world class mental health solutions to the country.

As a serial entrepreneur, Richard has founded and funded start-ups in the Philippines, in Toronto, Canada (North America); Hongkong (Asia); Germany (Europe) for over 30 years and has worked in over 50 countries.

He presented his digital platform MindWoRx, the first of its kind and the most comprehensive managed mental health program in the Philippines which includes mental health assessment and diagnosis, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy courses and community support.

The platform aims to overcome the fear of stigmatization for the user since it is completely anonymous, even for employees and provides a year-round mental health support for users resulting in improved productivity at work, happier life at home and a better quality of life.


For more information, please email Sandy Lim at sandy@pcaae.org

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