PCAAE conducts best and next practices on strategic planning webinar

PCAAE conducted a webinar entitled, “Strategic Planning: Best Practices and Next Practices” last January 19, 2022, with 30 local and overseas participants.

This webinar is part of a series of monthly online learning sessions for association leaders and professionals, themed, “Thought Leadership Series” which aims to provide participants with insights from fellow association leaders as well as update them on current trends and practical tools to further improve their work in providing service to their members.

The session presented supplemental strategies and tools used to ensure that the strategic plan becomes part of the everyday operations of the organization such as core audience prioritization, programmatic impact matrix, and a fresh look at the volunteer architecture.

The featured speaker was Lowell Aplebaum, CEO and Strategy Catalyst of Vista Cova, a company that partners with organizations on strategic visioning and planning, creating stronger stakeholder connections, and reimagining value and engagement.

For more information on the event, please email Sandy Lim at sandylim@adfiap.org


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