PCAAE tackles the value of integrity in associations

PCAAE conducted a webinar on “Integrity: The Pathway to Performance” on September 15, 2021 which was attended by 40 local and overseas participants.

The featured speaker, Aljor C. Perreras, CEO & Founder of Primordium Philippines, has been continuously delivering personal growth and leadership programs for twenty years, including as a former senior leader in one of the world’s leading companies that deliver transformational programs.

Mr. Perreras presented the relationship among integrity, workability and performance and made a proposition that integrity is the foundation of performance. He also mentioned that a person, group, organization, association, society, and nation committed to workability and performance requires a culture of integrity.

The webinar is part of a series of monthly online learning sessions for association leaders and professionals, themed, “Pathways to Recovery” which aims to provide participants with insights from fellow association leaders as well as update them on current trends and practical tools to further improve their work in providing service to their members.


For more information on the event, please email Sandy Lim at sandylim@adfiap.org

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