PCAAE conducts briefing for Myanmar association

While on a mission in the Myanmar capital of Yangon for an EU-funded project called, “SMART Myanmar 2.0”, ADFIAP Secretary General and PCAAE founder and CEO, Octavio B. Peralta, conducted a briefing on association management and governance for the Central Executive Committee (CEC) members of the Myanmar Environmental Assessment Association (MEAA), a two-year old network of over a hundred third-party environmental impact assessors, both individuals and institutions, in the country.

The session was held in the morning of January 31, 2019 in one of the training rooms of the United Myanmar Federation of Chambers and Industries. In particular, MEAA, led by its CEC Chairman, Aung Nanda, expressed interest in learning more on PCAAE’s experience in governance structure, membership growth, fundraising, and communications and branding. MEAA acknowledged with appreciation the short interaction and knowledge-sharing on association-related matters.

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