NATCCO e-Learning Programme

NATCCO’s ‘e-Learning Program’ is a virtual training program for board of directors, managers, committee heads and members, and officers of cooperatives. It offers vital training for compliance seminars and other specialized modules for cooperative members who are required to attend seminars but are unable due to time and/or geographic restraints. It aims to further assist cooperatives through reaching out and supplying them with cooperative knowledge that can be attained in the e-learning modules available.

Five compliance training modules for cooperative officers were developed. As of August 2016, a total of 282 participants have attended the program. Because of the program, more cooperative were able to access the seminars and were able to comply with the requirements of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA). They include cooperatives in far-flung areas, cooperatives with tight schedules, and cooperatives with members residing in other countries.

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