Elevating the business of real estate in PH

qqq2-300x179The Philippines is experiencing a property boom that is seen to go beyond 2016. The market remains strong across all sectors as developers continue to expand due to strong demand as well as the impending ASEAN economic integration.

A booming market is not without its challenges, though. Too many properties being built could lead to an eventual oversupply. Mid-range condominiums are seen the most probable source of oversupply.

If you’re buying a home for the first time, there are probably so many questions running through your mind. What is the best location for me? How much space do I need? Do I buy a property in a mid-rise development or would a single-detached be better? How much space does my family need? Can we even afford this?

There are many questions for both ends of the market and there are as many answers. Whether you are a real estate developer or seller or a consumer, what you need are industry professionals who understand the market. Professionals can look at market trends and histories and explain to clients where and when they should buy property. A real estate professional aims for the client to get the best deal possible.

If you are a buyer looking for your dream home, the real estate agent can tell you where and when to buy based on your lifestyle and needs. Professionals help make the buying and selling of real estate as cost effective as possible for all concerned.

RE/MAX, with large global network of successful brokers and agents, offers end-to-end business solutions for the most common industry problems such as recruiting, retaining and training agents; controlling expenses and managing the bottom line.

This means that as the “middle man” in real estate transactions, RE/MAX agents have their ears on the ground, so to speak. They know what property suits a particular client. RE/MAX agents, for instance, takes care of the middle income market by offering properties that clients can rent or lease first.

When these clients can already afford to buy their own place, agents can offer properties, which they can choose to purchase.

Because it is a global brand, its listing is also global. This allows to bring in buyers from abroad to address the inventory build-up.

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