PRA’s Evelyn Salire, PCAAE Association Executive of the Year Awardee

salire_1 (2)Ms. Evelyn Balmeo Salire, Secretary General of the Philippine Retailers Association(PRA), is the PCAAE ‘Ang Susi’ Association Executive-of-the-Year awardee for 2015. The recognition was presented during Gala Dinner and Awards Night of the 3rd Association Executives Summit held on December 3, 2015 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

Ms. Salire was cited for her exceptional transformational leadership in making PRA into an excellent organization that is true to its mandate of delivering to its members and stakeholders a culture of professionalism in association management and in making a significant contribution in increasing opportunities for its members to be globally competitive.

Under her stewardship, the PRA has become a sustainable association with a governance and management structure that is at par with international standards and a financial capacity to stand on its own.

The PRA’s remarkable transformation over the years under her helm spanned across the entire Philippines through new and innovative members’ programs, expanded membership campaigns, benefits and partnerships, thereby earning for the organization the recognition as the country’s prime retail membership institution and an eminent place in nation-building through its programs in industry and enterprise development.

The Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives is the only membership organization in the Philippines that serves the community of institutions and professionals that manage business, trade, philanthropic, scientific, medical, educational, technical, social welfare, agricultural and other non-profit organizations. PCAAE aims to further professionalize the association governance and management in the country.

PCAAE’s annual ‘Ang Susi’ Awards, acronym for Associations nurture National Growth through Social Unity and Sustainability Innovations, symbolizes the key contribution of associations and association executives to national sustainable development.

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