PCAAE launches ‘TAP-in’ Ambassador Program

IMG_0122With the support of the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB), the PCAAE is launching the TPB Ambassadors Program to Attract International Events to the Philippines (TAP-In) and will assemble a group of “ambassadors” from among PCAAE members who: (a) can represent their industry or profession (b) have international networks (c) have organized and held events and (d) are able to motivate their peers, partners and networks to organize events in the country.

The terms of reference of the “ambassadors” include: (1) promote and publicise TPB’s services in as many communication channels as possible (2) bid for and win international events (3) encourage holding of more meetings, conferences, expos and other related events in the country (4) develop short briefing programs on their field of expertise and (5) create synergies among event support chains/constituencies.

With TAP-In the PCAAE and its “ambassadors” will be able to help: (a) in the national effort to increase tourism in the country (b) provide additional service offering to PCAAE members (c) be part of an ‘exclusive’ group and exchange ideas, expertise and experiences with fellow members and (d) gain recognition and enhance their organization’s profile.

For the moment and as a test pilot, the Board of Trustees will compose the first “ambassadors”.

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