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Org Chart

Board of Trustees

Octavio B. Peralta
Association of Dev. Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP)
Corazon Conde
Gwen Albarracin
Philippine Marketing Association
Butch Cabalu
Helms Briscoe
Gerry Duwin Dela Zerna
International Association for Volunteer Effort – Philippines
Linda Gonzales
National Federation of Women’s
Clubs of the Philippines
Cecilia Ibarra
Ma. Sandra I. Lim
Arlene Orencia
Atty. Alberto Reyno
Sherlo Reyes
Fundraiser’s Network for Development
Evelyn Salire
Philippine Retailers Association
Myra Contessa Sarmenta
Girl Scouts of the Philippines


Octavio B. Peralta
Enrique Florencio
Council Secretary
Ma. Cristina Aquino
Lorina Cervantes

Strategic Framework

Our Cause (why we exist)

PCAAE facilitates the work of association executives in managing their organizations and advances their profession through knowledge delivery, recognition and collaboration initiatives.

Our Value Proposition (what we do)

PCAAE links institutions, people and ideas to inspire leadership and achievement within and outside the association executives community.

Our Promise (how we serve our stakeholders)

PCAAE commits to uniquely provide exceptional experiences, essential tools, and a vibrant community that makes members and stakeholders more successful in their work.

Our ‘IMPACT’ Values

As a membership organization, we are guided by the following set of beliefs and values, from our day-to-day operations to strategic planning and to the way we relate with and treat our members, partners and the public-at-large.


We conduct ourselves with utmost fairness, accountability and transparency in everything we do and to everyone we serve and work for. We adhere to the highest governance and ethical standards.

Meaning of Being

We value the diversity of purpose and uniqueness of our members. We will nurture and cultivate this diversity with unity and equality.


We constantly improve on our professional standards. Our members, the Board of Trustees as well as our officers and staff will continue to learn new things and hone up their skills for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Alliance Building

We strive to continuously enhance our relationship with like-minded individuals and organizations to provide more value to our members and stakeholders.

Constant Innovation

We believe that dynamism and innovation are tools to continuously improve on what we do and what we strive for.


We subscribe to the belief that strength of character, honesty and truth is fundamental in harnessing synergies and building communities.

Strategy Map

PCAAE’s strategic direction for the next five (5) years (2015 to 2019) is themed, “BEST”, as follows:

  • Building membership

    Provide the association executive community in the country with leadership, inclusive opportunities, and value-added services and benefits responsive to the interests and needs of a diverse membership.

  • Enhancing the Association Executive profession

    Advance the association executive profession by establishing standards, credentials and core competencies; improving the skills and prominence of association management practitioners; and recruiting and retaining talented and committed individuals into the profession.

  • Sustaining financial viability

    Innovate and expand the pool of financial resources available to support the operation of the Association to undertake their mandated mission.

  • Tracking performance

    Monitor PCAAE’s progress and performance and benchmark it with related organizations here and abroad.

Strategy Map

In Cooperation With
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